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Tea Bag Sealing Machine

    Tea Bag Packing Machine, Tea Bag Sealing Machine       

Model: KDX8-1 Tea Bag Sealing Machine
Output: 120Bags/Min.
Max. Dosage: 32.0G
Bag Dimensions: 62.5MMX50.0MM
Envelope Dimensions:


Tag Dimensions: 28MMX24MM
Thread length: 210MM
Packing in Box: 25 50, 50 100, 30 60, 20 40
Power Supply: AC380V/220V
Total Power: 1.25KW
Weight: 540KG
Overall Dimensions: 1.70MX0.90MX2.0M
Packing Dimensions: 1.236MX1.00MX1.855M




● The Tea-bag Sealing Machine model KDX8-1 have added automatic boxing device instead of envelope packing system.

● Welcome you choose this type of tea bag packing machine!



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