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Tea Bag Packing Machine

    Tea Bag Packing Machine       

Model: KDX15 Tea Bag Packing Machine
Output: 1055Bags/Min.
Max. Dosage: 308-4.0G
Bag Dimensions: 65.0MMX62.5MM
Envelope Dimensions:


Tag Dimensions: 28MMX24MM
Thread length: 210MM
Power Supply: AC380V/220V
Total Power: 2.36KW
Weight: 1210KG
Overall Dimensions: 1.688MX1.33MX2.205M
Packing Dimensions: 1.84MX1.29MX1.89M




● It has functions of filling, heat sealing, threading, labeling and over-wrapping and this model extends the packing volume of teabag to suit for special requirements from medicine, health drinking and herb industry. This machine adopts sealing pads to replace the sealing rollers on old machines. The actuate system is controlled by transducer. The new system greatly improves machine’s flexibility for different packing materials and will supply best teabag package. Many kinds of packing material will get good performance on this machine such as paper/P.E, Plastic/Foil/P.E, Plastic/P.E etc.

● Welcome you choose this type of tea bag packing machine!



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